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ADVOCATES AGAINST IMPAIRED DRIVING, INC. was founded on December 5, 2005 by long time Anti-Drunk Driving Activist Marie Greger-Smith, along with other volunteers, concerned citizens and victims. Marie has been an activist for 24 years as well as a Victim Advocate helping drunk driving victims for 17 years.

Her mother was killed 2.2 miles from home where Marie still lives today. She was 11 years old when her mother was killed Friday July 13,1961. Her childhood and life was changed forever all because someone decided to drink and drive.

Marie has been injured twice by drunk drivers in 1974 and 1977. Her passion and drive to stop impaired driving is not only because it has touched her life so much but because she does not want other families to have to go through the heartache her family did.

Wanda Jacobson, Vice President, was injured on December 24, 1976. By a drunk driver.

Marcia Stevens, Treasurer, daughter and unborn grandchild and son-in-law were all killed by a drugged driver on cocaine.

Keith Hoff, President, concerned citizen wanted to help stop impaired driving.

AAID wants to save lives by removing ALL impaired drivers, from our roadways whether it is legal drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol. We believe that our organization is what Indiana needs to make it safe for our children, families, friends, and law enforcement officers.

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